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>equally pozzed as they were in Argentina
>If you want a look at the future look down south, in Argentina they now have, I shit you not, tranny quotas.

It's because your country's founded by nigger freemasons and currently owned by (((those people))). You can look it up if you want. Jose de San Martin was the stooge in your country.

Every country in South America that declared "independence", read from Monarchy and declaring loyalty to British freemasonry, was done by gay masons. They had this thing where they love running countries to the ground. 2nd pic I posted has a phrygian cap, the same cap that was used during the "French" revolution. The masonic handshake and pagan sun is a more "on the nose" inclusion.

It also has cia WASP niggers ruining your economy from the backdoor under the guise of "getting rid of commies". Although, they never admit that they funded the commies in the first place, i.e Lend-Lease act. Which is expected. seeing as they hate everything not Anglo related, especially of Spanish origin.

Damn shame really. Argentina could have practically the same as any other European country, both in terms of culture and economy. You have so many Italian and former SS/Wehrmacht troops there man. But, things are shit by design sadly.