Anonymous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 21:10:25 Id: 9b46fc No.82150 del
> I disagree with the general idea that the U.S. should never become free of ZOG because the nation has been puppets for so long. There are still European brothers and sisters on the soil who's minds should be freed. Every Gentile should be turned against the jew.
I agree with you with a caveat. I think patriotism to the US regime is harmful, in that it idolizes masonic values. At its worst its outright raceless civic nationalism and at its best its still beset with enlightenment values that lead to the former. I think the European people that live in the United States deserve to be free of ZOG, but I would like to see a direct break from the regime of the "United States of America." I still think balkanization is the best case scenario. People generally scoff at the idea of ceding territory but if we just had one, fully European non-Judaised-state it would tilt the scales immeasurably.