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Dividing a regional body of the U.S. with the rest of the nation under control of ZOG would both be impossible and bad strategy. Suppose someone brings about statewide voluntary secession. That state then becomes the enemy of the rest of the cucked nation, is invaded, resistances would be slaughtered and those who fear death would surrender only to be intentionally fenced in and starved pretty similar to Eisenhower's death camps and it's also very likely the rest of the cucked nation would be deluded into believing more old, tired "gas exterminations" psychological warfare lies. Though there isn't likely ever going to be a patriotic "muh founders" nation-wide union anyway (the destruction of statues); if one state were to be successful in breaking free from jewish indoctrination, that ideal needs to spread until the majority of states are un-cucked. Perhaps every falsehood the previous nation stood for should be eliminated, such as the illusion that voting for Democrat or Republican is an actual choice. Even removing Democrats and Republicans as elected bodies of government. A monarchy with a King against kikes would be perfect. One thing is very certain. Israeli lobbies that bribe government, jewish control of mainstream media and jews in government positions must be outlawed.