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>Go on
There's not much to talk about. We already know it was fake. Like I mentioned earlier >>81618 Most of these "protests" are very easy to coordinate. I was in one when it just happened. Also wanted to compare this with the peasant revolts in Medieval Europe. They happened all the time because work and living conditions were so shit. Strangely this does not happen anymore. Not that I'm encouraging this type of shit

ok so suddenly people decided to do a revolt at the end of trumpie's presidency. And this never happens at any other time except now. Does that sound believable to you?

2 other points over why it's fake is this

1) The average man is too busy or tired to make something like that incident happen.
2) I've met a lot of people during my life, and I can honestly say that the majority (90%-95% of people) have no drive in them. It's a very different era from Medieval Europe. People will put up with almost anything and not do much except complain a little and accept it later. They certainly aren't like the individuals in the early NSDAP movement.

>"something" big happen after all this buildup and demonization.
Only for people who still support orange cheeto man. If you still support him after all of this, You will keep getting fucked. He was controlled opposition to begin with. Best to just forget about him and do actual productive work for yourself in your life.

>that I don't think anyone is capable of taking seriously.

It was fake dude. Who would anyone go and purchase a ticket to fly to a different state over a hundred kilometers away, trespass the highest and most tightly secure government office in a country and definitely get into trouble for it eventually for a failed TV show host who backstabbed and lied to said person for 4-5 years straight? And thousands of people at the same time at that. Doing the same thing at the same time. Like synchronized swimmers. Can't forget that.

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