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Nah it's not a slide thread.
It's no coincidence that's the favorite station of every Commie I have ever met learned a lot about their subversive viewpoints in college because universities are ran by kike professors. NPR has been jewish since Frank Mankiewicz in the 1980s. Kold News 13 is a CBS (jewish) affiliate. The article plus NPR are jew propaganda, wailing that faggots are disproportionately catching Covid-19. That's most likely why OP had to reword the statements. I'll allow it.

However, this needs to be said: people of indigenous European descent are catching the virus way more than faggots because gays are only 3.5% of over 332 million U.S. citizens. The mainstream media just doesn't care because it's ran by jews and their entire point was to shine the sympathy spotlight on "muh poor homosexuals".
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