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Three explosions and 500 rounds couldn't stop him. Now there was a man with an idea. To be clear, bulldozing a concrete plant, town hall, media outlet, a mayor's home and a hardware store is not permitted under U.S. law. As per global rule 1, none of you should ever copy this exact construction project and mow over the Federal Reserve. Especially not the headquarters of A&E, Disney, Turner Broadcasting and Entertainment, Sony Pictures, CBS, ABC, NBC, ION Media, Comcast Cable, Warner Brothers, HBO, MGM Worldwide, AMC, FOX, The CW, IFC and Sundance, PBS, MTV, Viacom, ION Media, Time Magazine, People Magazine, The New York Times, the Emmys live, AIPAC or any synagogues since every one of those is filled with jews. That would be illegal and anti-semitic.