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I answered at /news/ but I will here as well for anyone else visiting. Especially the Torjew who keeps coming back even though his posts are deleted
>China didn't release the virus and is innocent, I guess
Nobody knows but the assholes who released it. The United States government is spreading that China did it. The Chinese government is spreading that it came from Fort Detrick's U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Neither average Americans nor Chinese would even know which government is telling the truth if any, and both don't have a great track record in honesty.
>Surgical masks don't do anything
Particles between .04 and .20 of a micrometer penetrate surgical masks when SARS-CoV-2 particles are between .08 to .14. They are getting through. Medical staff are contracting the virus but they're not suffering as harshly as many people with pre-existing conditions and cloth masks are. What surgical masks do is reduce the viral load, thus reducing the seriousness of the infection. Less particles taken in means less for your immune system to fight and less Covid-19 triggering your nAChRs into releasing a cytokine storm of pro-inflammatory white blood cells. That is what infected are suffering from.
>Social distancing laws do nothing because people don't follow them
Social distancing accomplishes nothing. SARS-CoV-2 particles hang in the air up to three hours from saliva-based projection, spreads freely by circulating through air conditioning units and mushrooms up from infected shit flushed down in toilets. Neither cloth masks nor social distancing is going to prevent infection. They're both placebos meant to placate the masses.
>None of the vaccines do anything, except possibly harming people. You can still get infected
There are live attenuated (living but weakened), inactive (those do not stimulate immunity) or mRNA vaccines (spike proteins from Covid-19). People always have a chance of getting sick from any vaccine because viruses in whole or part are always injected.
>So, what exactly is the point to all of this extra set of rules and norms bullshit? Can someone mind explaining it to me?
A false sense of security. Lulling people into accepting bullshit they're only too willing to believe. The best chance you have is boosting your immune system. Not cloth masks and not social distancing. The latter is only done at the behest or for the approval of lemmings.