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That was a brief period of time when Bakunin was furious with Karl Marx. Mikhail was a Communist before choosing Anarchy. Next in the 1900s when hatred of jews began rising, kikeroaches latched onto Anarchism as a desperate measure. It has been theirs since the French Revolution led by jewish influence with cries of anarchie gave birth to it with pro-jews like Adrien Jean Francois Duport, a freemason and member of the Jacobin Club. Kikes ran both. Other older societies with "anarchist thinkers" weren't specifically labeled Anarchy. Those were "Enlightenment thinkers", Stoics and Cynics of ancient Greece or when Athens had no leader in 404BC it was known as anarkhos - without a leader. Even Mazdak the Zoroastrian whom invented Socialism (which obviously was stolen and repurposed by Marx) is often labeled as an "Anarchist". None of those ancient men where about smashing the state, turning it to ash, rebuilding from the rubble and trusting society to run free of law. Anarchy has been hijacked for too long. It's modern interpretation having been corrupted since the early 1900s. That's why all that remains is colored spiked hair, "sex and violence, oi m8 take ya cheesy grin off ya gob or eyl sock ya one! anarchy in the UK, smash the state eat the rich" pure Communist shit.

Don't get me wrong. The ZOG state needs to be smashed, but another state must take it's place in order to guide the removal of jews from the infested nation. National Socialism is the only way forward.