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>Hitlers failure to make the ideology popular outside of Germany
>>80925 >>80927 >>80930 >>80931
The above linked posts are what caused the last schizo with the same posting style as you to lose his damn mind and insult this board the same as you're doing now. National Socialism was widespread among even allied nations. It was international jewry and a whole lot of brainwashed dogmen that firebombed German cities and raped German women.
>The fact that around 5 to 7 people are on this board illustrates this fact.
Because shills like you talking shit about this board and Hitler are banned left and right.
>and also today.
The man was born in 1889. Good luck getting any ideology you come up with to be as well known as this one after you're dead.
>Is al of endchan only NS?
Go to >>>/b/ and enjoy continuing to talk shit. Though I heard there's a natural rise in National Socialism over there too, because that's the progression of people who start thinking for themselves. Not brainwashed lie spouting indoctrinated like you.
And as usual, obligatory: You can either pull your head out of your ass or never come back.
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