Anonymous 03/06/2021 (Sat) 00:43:14 Id: de74eb No.84156 del
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Ah, the manipulative nature of jews. As someone whom despises them, I never placed much importance on Abraham Foxman's viewpoints besides the fact he is indeed a conman as his kind are. His is not a thought process worthy of men. Only rats. A rat-like race ever gnawing at the foundations of the nations they never belonged to in the first place. The people he cons and bluffs will eventually see through him and learn he isn't there to earn trust. Thereafter he'll be remembered as a snake. As the "retired" but still acting ADL National Director Emeritus, he has his connections; he has the ability to remove the livelihood of many citizens in lower classes as he sees fit by issuing a wailing order through the ADL as the jewish Twitter army masses demand cucked corporations to terminate one's job. That's not power. It's a temporary grasp as he unleashes temporary setbacks. Illusions of power remain illusions. Foxman will never know true strength or the strength of truth. That fat, turtle-headed loxist jew will never be a guiding light for future generations. His name will be forgotten not long after he dies.