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I guess these are the last few stories I have to add for this

and to this post

>The ninth ran a truck rental service. He was a cussing, screaming fucking maniac. Again, nothing was ever good enough. He watched the cameras like the lifeless vulture he was, at his home, and called me telling me to harass customers about minor little details. He said he's Ashkenazi. His wife whom I got along with was not a jew. The same as all the other jobs, I quit.

Wanted to add more to it

Worked for a jewish boss a few years ago. He always had his hair slicked back and was very serious about everything work related.
Now, I didn't have an issue with him. He never messed with me and we got along "amicably", but other people just fucking hated the guy. They could not stand him and they would always badmouth him as soon as he left the place. I'm not the type of person to talk badly about people behind their back, so I never said anything about him. I guess he was just too controlling over the other people I worked. One of my female coworkers got so fed up with him, that she literally started browsing job boards for another job while she was at work. It was really a crazy experience.

I also did some events/group relations with some Orthodox jews once as part of another job I had. I was higher management, so I was "treated ok" by them and never really had issues with them. But the same story happened. Everyone else would fucking hate dealing with them. With one of my female co-workers even walking out of the job in the middle of the day over how disgusted she was with their behavior. Yes, this actually happened. I was really low on staff that day and it was absolute hell for me. They were just considered as really filthy and weird people by everyone I worked with. I just wanted to share that story to see how other people can relate in here.