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Yeah, I'm still going to keep posting content here. Just taking some time of to do some renovations around where I live. I'll keep posting as long I can around the board

Anyway, the reason I mentioned him (((Sasha Baron Cohen))) here >>84489 is over a funny meem joke he did involving Kazakhstan. Where he made a movie making the entire Kazazh population as complete country bumpkin idiots. The first part of the movie was actually shot in a small Romanian village where the villagers where lied to about what the movie was about. The villagers literally swore that they would end kike the (((cohen))) if he ever went back there again. But it's still a funny joke, right /pol/?

Did you know that the (((ussr))) actually perpetuated a man made famine on Kazakhstan from 1931 until 1933? It killed around 1.5 to 2.3 millions of Kazazh people and displaced thousands of others. All done largely in part due to everything being orchestrated by Filipp Goloshchyokin. And you won't believe what Filipp's nationality is hint: it's not Russian

>Born 9 March [O.S. 26 February] 1876 in Nevel to a family of Jewish contractors, his true birth name is unknown, in various sources, Isai (Yiddish: Shaya or Shai) and Isak, Isayevich, Isaakovich, Itskovich are indicated as real names. His first wife, Bertha Iosifovna Perelman, was born in 1876 to the family of an artisan. She was arrested and sent into exile in the Narym region. In exile Bertha Perelman married Goloshchyokin. She died in 1918.