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despite being late to answer this but better than never as some say
> or is playing in moderation fine as long as it doesn't become an unhealthy habit and doesn't get in the way of progress in your life and you keep it balanced with everything else?

contrary to what many of "self improvement" gurus say there is nothing wrong with videogames as a media (its entertainment platform as films and books) and as its interactive and played in moderation and especially to have fun it can give you something in return dependable on genre.
for example deus ex gave me a good lecture that there is always some deeper motive, medal of honor series interested me in ww2 etc.

However the present state of that media is not giving a good reason to seek it that much (excluding indie scene if something ambitious is there once per hungarian year) whatever its the anti customer policies, messaging of zogs shenanigans, propagating zog shenanigans and especially releasing titles in state that it can be deemed as false advertising

so you can play but dont think the media is zionist propaganda proof and masonic messages proof (ehm the legend of zelda and nintendo games for easiest example)
if you want you can watch channel American Krogan on odysee or bitchute to look deeper on what i mean on one of his works

>Would you like to learn about child molesting kikes in the Talmud next?
i would like that part of designated bond maids and that one is guilty of when naturally connected to child but not guilty when connected by perversion