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On the subject of Jews Arminius 07/25/2021 (Sun) 11:15:10 Id: 2cbae7 [Preview] No. 85051
Alot of people, who share our desired goal constantly list the Jews as a source of our ills in modern society and force determined to thwart our happiness and growth. However I do not find their explanation nor commentary on the Jewish people a satisfactory one. When I'm confronted by ideas I always think how would I argue this in real life?, if I were to go on a stage and try to convince people of this point what points might I bring up that would work. I don't like insults as a general rule because it doesn't give anything to the discussion as such I will right a list of fundamental problems with the Jewish community which negatively impacts our society that cannot be denied and can also be brought before the public.

- Firstly Jews are hypocrites for every "crime" they claim that has been committed against them they themselves have committed in turn either previously or currently. Whilst they may demand others constantly live in a state of apologizing and appeasing they never have to adopt this stance.

-Jewish supremacy, as previously established Jewish people are hypocrites and so it is with no small amount of irony that they hold themselves as the superior people of the world in the eyes of their "god". To this end they commit numerous crimes globally I mainly call on the crimes of Israel not against palestine (because I don't care about muslims or any non-whites) but against western civilization in general. Mossad and the Israeli government regularly conduct clandestine attacks and espionage stealing technology and other intellectual property second only probably to China. The idea that Jews can complain about being held in contempt whilst they themselves hold others in contempt is laughable.

-Slave philosophy, this might confuse people but it is the philosophy of the Jewish religion and philosophy that they are slaves are in a constant state of oppression and that justifies their actions. Things that limit this philosophy is that it never allows Jews to consider themselves as masters or any form of leader as it would conflict with their representation of themselves as the people hard done by the world who in their "righteous" anger lash out. This type of mentality favours degeneracy because the lower you are the more "oppressed" you are. This is why they engage in such disgusting habits it's a philosophy of the wretched.

- Finally the in group preference, there is nothing wrong with this aspect every race should look after their own and do their best to promote their people and culture. However when it concerns Jewish people or any minority for that matter the in group preference is only allowable to them and not to white people. White people must allow anyone and everyone in and suffer the consequences. This is kind of a mixed aspect as it's hypocritical and plays off the slave philosophy in that those who are unworthy and prevented from entering white society are entitled to enter it. Where as the Jewish community consistently appoints those who serve the interests of the race.

I feel all of these listed problems with the Jews are of sound logic and demonstrate the negative effects that Jews have on society at large. The words could be tweaked to suit any discussion and people would have a hard time arguing against it. Although it's still probably not wise to bring this up in a public area due to possible retaliation regardless of the sound argument. Did I miss anything? I wrote this to describe the issues revolving around the Jewish community in an unemotive way devoid of insults that clearly addresses the destructive nature of a parasitic people.

sage sage 07/25/2021 (Sun) 23:40:32 Id: 9297a8 [Preview] No.85059 del
>that pic

Hebrews of the Old and outdated Testament have 0 relation with the kikes we have to currently deal with OP. Europa Awake has a section about that very common misconception. And didn't we already have this type of thread about a month or 2 ago?

Anonymous 07/28/2021 (Wed) 00:11:24 Id: 5be715 [Preview] No.85072 del
The problem with jews is genetic. They were a rootless merchant people and so selected for the traits that allows merchants to survive. Materialism, dissimulation, lack of empathy. They are evil to the very core of their DNA.

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