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(361.77 KB 454x340 jew flu7454x341.png)
jew Corporate Vaccines will be MANDATORY by December because of cuck Biden Anonymous 11/09/2021 (Tue) 16:12:34 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No. 85916
On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released the long-awaited COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for employers with 100 or more employees. At the same time, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, also released an interim rule (“CMS Rule”) regarding mandatory vaccination requirements for employees at health care facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. As has been widely reported, both the CMS Rule and the ETS include a deadline of January 4, 2022, for covered employees to be fully vaccinated. However, most aspects of the ETS will be in effect starting December 5, 2021. Key takeaways for employers from the OSHA ETS, explained in detail below, include:
All private employers with 100 or more employees (whether full-time, part-time, temporary, or provisional) must create, implement, and enforce a policy regarding vaccination against COVID-19, testing, and additional safety protocols by December 5, 2021. Employers may choose to require all employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment, or can have a policy that allows employees to remain unvaccinated, so long as they comply with testing and masking rules.
Employers must collect and maintain records of their employees’ vaccination statuses by December 5, 2021. As of that date, all workers who are not fully vaccinated must wear face coverings when indoors or inside a vehicle with others for work purposes.
By December 5, 2021, employers must encourage and support vaccination by:
⁃ providing workers with information about vaccination policy, regulations, and safety;
⁃ permitting paid time off to receive a vaccine; and
⁃ allowing paid sick leave for recovery from vaccination side effects.
Starting January 4, 2022, employees who are not fully vaccinated must be tested for COVID if they come to the workplace. The ETS provides new protocols for employees to return to work after a COVID-positive test result.
The Federal regulations supersede and pre-empt any contrary state or local law.
The directive to create national COVID-19-related workplace safety regulations came from President Biden as part of the administration’s Path out of the Pandemic plan (“Plan”) announced on September 9, 2021. The Plan includes a goal of universal vaccination against the coronavirus, including requirements that all federal employees and contractors are fully vaccinated, and calls for all private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that their workforce is either fully vaccinated or tested weekly. In its announcement, OSHA indicates that the ETS will cover two-thirds of the nation’s workforce. The White House has also clarified that the ETS is not applicable to federal contractors subject to the Executive Order regarding mandatory COVID safety protocols.
Who Is—and Who Is Not—Covered Under the ETS?
The rules apply to all employers with 100 or more employees at any time that the ETS, which is effective as of November 5, 2021, remains in effect. The 100-employee threshold includes full-time and part-time workers, temporary workers (as long as they are on the employer’s payroll), provisional and seasonal employees, fully remote employees, as well as any minors (younger than 18). Individuals other than employees working on site or in close proximity to an employer’s workforce do not count toward the 100-employee threshold. For instance, independent contractors and employees of a staffing agency at a host employer are not counted towards the 100-employee threshold.[4] When employees of a staffing agency are placed at a host employer location, only the staffing agency would count these workers for purposes of the 100-employee threshold. However, a host employer may require the staffing agency to ensure that temporary employees comply with the host employer’s policy. [continued]

Anonymous 11/09/2021 (Tue) 16:18:32 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.85917 del
(23.91 KB 288x326 432543.jpg)
Employers should count employees across all worksites (including in different states) to determine if they meet the 100-employee threshold. If the employer has 100 or more employees on November 5, 2021, the ETS applies to that employer, even if the employer subsequently falls below the 100-employee threshold. Additionally, if an employer has fewer than 100 employees on November 5, 2021, but subsequently hits the 100-employee threshold for coverage, the employer must then come into compliance with ETS requirements, and remain so for the entire time the standard is in effect, regardless of fluctuations in the size of the workforce. The initial duration of the ETS is 6 months, or until May 5, 2022. Even though the following employees count towards the 100-employee threshold, the ETS requirements will not apply to employees:
• working from home (including fully remote employees and employees working remotely and not working in-office on at least a weekly basis);
• who do not report to a workplace where others are present; or
• who work exclusively outdoors.
The ETS also does not apply to workplaces subject to the guidance issued by the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force, including private companies that contract with federal agencies. This ETS also does not apply to those health care settings covered by the previously issued ETS, as that standard remains in effect. Notably, however, health care entities covered by the new CMS interim rule will be required to comply with the ETS applicable to their workplace settings, as CMS worked closely with OSHA to ensure these regulations were complimentary and not overly duplicative. Finally, the ETS does not eliminate obligations under collective bargaining agreements that provide health and safety protections that are at least as effective as the ETS.
Vaccination Policies Required
All covered employers must establish, implement, and enforce a written mandatory vaccination policy, if they have not already done so, by December 5, 2021, or ensure that existing policies comply with the ETS. In the alternative, an employer may establish, implement and enforce a written policy that allows employees to choose to either (i) be fully vaccinated or (ii) provide proof of regular testing and wear a face covering at work. Written vaccination policies must include:
• requirements for COVID-19 vaccination;
• applicable exclusions from the written policy (e.g., medical contraindications, medical necessity requiring delay in vaccination, or reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities or sincerely held religious beliefs);
• information on determining an employee’s vaccination status and how this information will be collected;
• paid time off (of up to 4 hours) for vaccination and reasonable time to recover from adverse effects of the vaccination;
• notification of positive COVID-19 tests and removal of COVID-19 positive employees from the workplace;
• information to be provided to employees (e.g., how the employer is making that information available to employees); and
• disciplinary action for employees who do not abide by the policy (up to and including termination of employment).
In addition to addressing the above, employers should include all relevant information regarding the policy’s effective date, who the policy applies to, deadlines (e.g., for submitting vaccination information, for getting vaccinated), and procedures for compliance and enforcement, all of which are necessary components of an effective plan. There is no requirement to submit the policy to OSHA. However, OSHA is authorized to request an employer’s written plan for examination and copying. If an employer receives such a request, regulations require that the plan be provided within four hours of a request. Employers must allow employees to request a reasonable accommodation from the vaccination requirements for employees: (1) for whom a vaccine is medically contraindicated; (2) for whom medical necessity requires a delay in vaccination; or [continued]

Anonymous 11/09/2021 (Tue) 16:24:24 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.85918 del
(32.22 KB 237x382 32553.png)
(3) those legally entitled to a reasonable accommodation under federal civil rights laws because they have a disability or sincerely held religious beliefs, practices, or observances that conflict with the vaccination requirement.
Verification & Recordkeeping
The ETS requires covered employers to determine the vaccination status of all employees by December 5, 2021. Vaccinated employees can submit a health care provider, pharmacy, or other medical immunization record, a copy of the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (white card), records from a public health information system, or any other official documentation. If such documentation cannot be produced, an employee may submit a signed, dated, sworn attestation, acknowledging that knowingly providing false information may subject the signatory to criminal penalties.[8] Employers that have already collected vaccination data from their workforce prior to the ETS effective date of November 5, 2021, will not have to re-do or revisit their employees and request additional data. Employers should keep vaccination records in a confidential medical record, separate from regular personnel files. Employers must maintain a roster of employees’ vaccination status, which must be treated as employee medical records, except that they are not subject to usual retention rules and need be maintained only for the duration of the ETS’ effect. Employers must also maintain a record of each COVID-19 test result required to be provided by each employee pursuant to this ETS or obtained during tests conducted by the employer.
Promoting Worker Vaccination
Employers are required to support vaccination, by providing the following by December 5, 2021:
• Paid Time (up to 4 hours) for employees to receive a vaccine against COVID-19. If an onsite vaccination clinic is available, then participation in such a clinic should be “on the clock,” consistent with applicable wage and hour laws.
• Paid Sick Leave in a reasonable amount, for employees to recover from any side effects associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Employers may require employees to use accrued Paid Time Off. However, if an employee has no time accrued, employers must provide extra paid leave. In addition, employers are permitted to set a cap on the amount of time provided to employees for recovery.
Requirements for Unvaccinated Workers
The ETS requires employers to ensure that employees who are not fully vaccinated, and who report to a workplace where others are present (whether coworkers or customers), comply with certain rules starting on January 4, 2022:
• Be tested for COVID-19 at least once every seven days; and
• Submit documentation of their most recent test result at least every seven days.
The regular testing requirement does not apply to workers who do not report to a worksite at least once a week, but, prior to appearing at the workplace, such unvaccinated employees must also test and provide test results that were obtained no earlier than 7 days prior. The testing requirement is waived for individuals who had a diagnosed case of COVID-19 within the prior 90 days. Testing is required for all unvaccinated employees, including those entitled to a reasonable accommodation from vaccination requirements. However, if testing conflicts with a worker’s sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance, the worker may be entitled to a reasonable accommodation. [Meaning KIKES will be exempt]
Administering a Testing Policy
Employees who fail to provide a test result may not be permitted to remain at a workplace. Consequently, an employer policy should anticipate consequences for employees who fail to comply with the testing requirements, especially in the event of repeated failure to produce test results as required. Employers are required to maintain a record of each test result, and store such records as a confidential medical record, subject to the same retention requirements as vaccination records. [continued]

Anonymous 11/09/2021 (Tue) 16:30:34 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.85919 del
(18.86 KB 262x430 4352345.jpg)
The ETS explicitly states that employers are not obligated to bear the cost of testing, but notes that testing may be required by other laws, regulations, or collective bargaining duties. OSHA officials have also stated that they will work with employers in the event of a test shortage, although it is unclear how any claims regarding the unavailability of tests should be managed. The ETS is silent on who pays for testing where the employee is unvaccinated because of a medical or religious reason.
Face Coverings
Workers who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a compliant face covering effective December 5, 2021, unless:
• outdoors;
• alone in an enclosed room with floor to ceiling walls and a closed door;
• briefly, while eating or drinking;
• while wearing a respirator or facemask; or
• when wearing such covering would create a greater hazard that that mitigated by the covering.
However, employers must not prevent any employee, regardless of vaccination status, from voluntarily wearing a face covering unless the employer can demonstrate that doing so would create a hazard.
Rules When an Employee Tests Positive
All covered employers must require their employees to promptly disclose when they have received a COVID-19 positive test result or a diagnosis of COVID-19 by a licensed health care provider. Employees with a positive COVID-19 test or diagnosis may not be permitted to return to workplace before one of the following conditions is met:
• A negative result for a confirmatory COVID-19 test after a positive rapid test result is obtained;
• Return to work criteria in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Isolation Guidance (i.e., 10 days/fever free for 24 hours/symptoms improved) is met; or
• A licensed health care provider recommends that the employee may return to work.
The ETS does not explicitly require employers to provide paid leave in the event of a positive COVID test, but other laws, employer policies or collectively bargained agreements may obligate employers to do so. After returning to work following a positive COVID-19 test or being diagnosed with COVID-19 by a licensed health care provider, employers may not require that such employee undergo testing for 90 days following the date of their positive test or diagnosis.
Employer Communication to Employees
Employers are required to provide information regarding their policies and procedures established to implement the ETS, in a language and at a literacy level the employee understands, regarding the employer’s vaccination policy(-ies) (see section above about what must be included in such a policy). Employers also have to provide a notice regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines from the CDC, and information about OSHA’s non-retaliation rules and the penalties for not complying. An employer may provide this information to employees through email communications, printed fact sheets, or during a discussion at a regularly scheduled team meeting. There are no formal training requirements. The ETS does not specify the frequency with which employers must provide this information to employees. However, if an employer modifies its policies or procedures, it must provide any updated or supplemental information to employees. This information should also be provided to new hires.
Penalties for Noncompliance
Penalties for noncompliance with the ETS are consistent with existing OSHA violation penalties. OSHA may issue a penalty for violating or failing to follow the ETS up to $13,653 per violation. Penalty for failure to abate an OSHA citation may be up to $13,653 per day beyond the abatement date. For willful or repeated violations, the penalty may be up to $136,532 per violation.
States and Local Authorities Preempted Unless Authorized by a State Plan
OSHA intends for the ETS to preempt and invalidate any state or local requirements that ban or limit an employer’s authority to require vaccination, face coverings, or testing, such as those imposed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. [continued]

Anonymous 11/09/2021 (Tue) 16:36:40 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.85920 del
(315.15 KB 600x594 243432.jpg)
To that end, the ETS preempts states and their political subdivisions from adopting and enforcing workplace requirements relating to the occupational safety and health issues of vaccination, wearing face coverings, and testing for COVID-19, except under the authority of a federally approved state plan. There are currently 22 state plans covering both private sector and state and local government workers, and there are six state plans covering only state and local government workers. State plans are required to adopt and enforce occupational standards that are at a minimum as effective as federal OSHA’s requirements. Therefore, state plans must adopt this ETS or an ETS that is at least as effective as this ETS by December 5, 2021. State plans must notify Federal OSHA of the action they will take by November 20, 2021. The state plan standard must remain in effect for the duration of the ETS. New York State has not adopted a state plan for private employers. The New York Department of Labor (NYSDOL) has not yet advised whether the ETS supersedes the obligations under the HERO Act, as some provisions of the HERO Act are not directly covered by the ETS.
Additional Resources
OSHA has provided guidance, including numerous fact sheets, such as an explanation of the rationale (https://www.osha.gov/sites/default/files/publications/OSHA4161.pdf) and scope of the ETS, a summary (https://www.osha.gov/sites/default/files/publications/OSHA4162.pdf) of key points about the binding rules, further information (https://www.osha.gov/sites/default/files/publications/OSHA4159.pdf) about employer obligations and workers’ rights under the ETS, and Frequently Asked Questions (https://www.osha.gov/coronavirus/ets2/faqs) that OSHA will update as it receives questions.


Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 22:44:24 Id: 4175e1 [Preview] No.85931 del
(34.33 KB 776x494 ill1.png)
(578.27 KB 1560x421 ill2.png)
But it doesn't work. The vaccine doesn't work
Masks don't work
Telling people to keep a distance doesn't work since they'll still do whatever they want

Drinking cleaning detergent and bleach doesn't cure Covid either(I guess trump was wrong)

So what's the point to all of this?

Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 22:46:23 Id: 4175e1 [Preview] No.85932 del
(348.60 KB 852x725 yeah.png)
There's some protests videos going on around the world over this that I can post later. I'll see what I can contribute. Just leaving this as a reminder over how we got to where we are right now

Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 23:59:00 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.85934 del
(66.49 KB 463x560 Pfizer.png)
(553.15 KB 800x450 Moderna 1.png)
(23.56 KB 389x276 Moderna 2.jpg)
(216.77 KB 960x966 Waldstreicher.jpg)
>The vaccine doesn't work.
True, as we are frequently told that getting the vaccine doesn't prevent becoming infected with the virus.
>Masks don't work
Because (for the sake of others reading as I'm repeating this from before) SARS-CoV-2 and it's variants' particles are between 8/100ths to 14/100ths of a single micrometer while between 4/100ths to 20/100ths penetrates surgical masks, common variety Made in China retail masks filter 3 micrometers and above and cloth masks filter 30% of airborne particles 50 micrometers plus.
>Telling people to keep a distance doesn't work since they'll still do whatever they want
"Social distancing" too is deceptive propaganda because it doesn't matter. The virus's particles are known to stay airborne for up to 3 hours.
>So what's the point to all of this?
The ultimate in Presidential cucking to jewish corporations for jewish profit. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson. I don't know what's going on in Spain but aside from dealing with everything else degenerate in the United States, I'm pretty pissed about this. We've seen the articles where the vaccine has been known to kill people. Now the freedom of choice has been thrown out the window because we have yet again a senile piece of shit President who's willing to sacrifice anything for jews.

Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 01:28:08 Id: 2cf4e2 [Preview] No.85969 del
(45.36 KB 500x500 und.jpg)
>i think a little controversy would definitely be beneficial for the board because it will bring activity here

We already did that with trumpie during 8ch /pol/ era. It only brought infinity payed shills our way until
a) everyone decided to quit or leave for new places (like here)
b) the site imploded on itself

Why repeat the same mistakes that were done before? You can just look into the "Israel registered vaccine" thread around here

Anonymous 11/23/2021 (Tue) 22:13:28 Id: bf5de0 [Preview] No.85974 del
(35.79 KB 502x286 jews.jpg)
(50.57 KB 504x285 killing.jpg)
(49.83 KB 502x286 their.jpg)
(34.19 KB 502x287 own.jpg)
(41.64 KB 502x287 kind.jpg)
This was revealed yesterday on Infostormer.
Kikes in Israel are panicking from the death vax but everywhere else in the world jews still want you to get the jab.

Anonymous 11/24/2021 (Wed) 03:41:15 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.85975 del
(211.98 MB 1920x1080 FDA reps.mp4)
I have something the few of you who visit here should spread as much as you can. These people are not a source pro vax idiots can discredit. They're representatives of the FDA.

Anonymous 11/25/2021 (Thu) 20:53:58 Id: 49257a [Preview] No.85976 del
Arsine is a colorless, flammable, and highly toxic gas. It has a garlic-like or fishy odor that can be detected at concentrations of 0.5 ppm and above. Because arsine is nonirritating and produces no immediate symptoms, persons exposed to hazardous levels may be unaware of its presence.

Acute inhalation exposures to inorganic arsenic can damage mucous membranes, cause rhinitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis, and result in nasal septum perforation (U.S. EPA, 1984). Chronic inhalation exposures, as occurring in the workplace, can lead to rhino-pharyno-laryngitis, tracheobronchitis, (Lundgren, 1954); dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, and hyperkeratosis (Perry et al., 1948; Pinto and McGill, 1955); leukopenia (Kyle and Pease, 1965; Hine et al., 1977); peripheral nerve dysfunction as indicated by abnormal nerve conduction velocities (Feldman et al., 1979; Blom et al., 1985; Landau et al., 1977); and peripheral vascular disorders as indicated by Raynaud's syndrome and increased vasospastic reactivity in fingers exposed to low temperatures (Lagerkvist et al., 1986). Higher rates of cardiovascular disease have also been reported in some arsenic-exposed workers (Lee and Fraumeni, 1969; Axelson et al., 1978; Wingren and Axelson, 1985). Possible reproductive effects include a high frequency of spontaneous abortions and reduced birth weights (Nordström et al., 1978a,b). Arsine gas (AsH3), at concentrations as low as 3-10 ppm for several hours, can cause toxic effects. Hemolysis, hemoglobinuria, jaundice, hemolytic anemia, and necrosis of the renal tubules have been reported in exposed workers (ACGIH, 1986; Fowler and Weissberg, 1974).

Any feds lurking here got some tips on how to protect and detox yourself from this?

Inb4 the Jews would never poison the well and call it a virus

sage sage 11/25/2021 (Thu) 21:19:19 Id: 732e6f [Preview] No.85977 del

sage sage 11/25/2021 (Thu) 21:34:34 Id: bf5de0 [Preview] No.85978 del
You should've asked this in QTDDTOT. I'm no Fed, but I did make it through heavily indoctrinated "higher" education magically without becoming a fucking Communist and believe me, they tried. Arsine is the result of arsenic and acid. There is no antidote if that's what you were asking for. You would need blood transfusions and dialysis, so don't get exposed in the first place.

Anonymous 11/27/2021 (Sat) 08:08:53 Id: 3d6857 [Preview] No.85981 del
I haven't gotten vaccinated. But what I have seen is pretty humorous if not ill boding for some concerning the vaccine and the future. What I am talking about is concerning the mandates for it, while most people knew at some level the mandate was wrong in principle, as evidenced by their initial reactions. None the less, it took only minimal pressure and the threat of lost employment to get compliance. I began thinking about how much "faith" these people actually have, if you've been mingling around modern church goers or most modern religious folk in the west. The abhorrent and sickening truth becomes unveiled rather fast, under this modern conception of religion in the west most people fall under its tenets. Most notably and the focus of this spearhead, their spiritual teachings must be aligned with liberal capitalist consumerism and its focus on psychological well-being. Thus messages should always be regarding love and happiness, not the burdens of resistance to a corrupt and dying world. Don’t worry, by happy, is the outbound pennant. But this brings into question the very purpose of faith itself. If so-called “believers” can only do so successfully in times of plethora and luxury, then what will become of them once they are called to the bottom of the worldly docket.

Anonymous 11/29/2021 (Mon) 16:49:00 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.86002 del
(56.04 KB 500x480 1 (4).jpg)
I haven't been vaccinated either, though my career demands it. What I did was arrive at a compromise. An exchange for silence about the fact. I plan on this the next time these bastards demand it, though someone else is likely to come upon a brainwashed imbecile who believes themselves a stalwart of virtue and thus will not permit the deceit. As for the weak of faith, I can only help relate by means of describing the Weimar Republic before National Socialists rose. Starving Germans were at the very bottom of the worldly docket. Many committed suicide. That is what will happen to the weak when economies utterly collapse. The SJW will not be able to survive. The NSDAP rose because there remained those strong enough to live. Eventually, they were crushed by overwhelming forces. Pathetic forces that could not handle such a small nation for many years without ganging up to pick on the smaller foe, aided by lice spreading Typhus and destroying supply lines to cause starvation. They had to destroy much of it's art and ideals out of fear of the German Übermensch. Great strength is feared; great strength is oppressed and put down with petty tactics. No matter how strong, there is vulnerability known to those Davids terrified of the Goliath. They will fling their little stones, shitting their pants from fear and crying out in mock pain as they strike the giant. Mortality is still a complex issue. How to keep the giant once risen, alive, is the question that must be solved for there are other giants in opposition.

Anonymous 11/30/2021 (Tue) 05:28:23 Id: 9ca504 [Preview] No.86008 del

>I haven't gotten vaccinated.
>I haven't been vaccinated either, though my career demands it.

The vaccines don't even work. What is the point of all this shit?

Oh yeah, there's allegedly a new variant of it called the omnicron or something. That's so crazy. One virus manages to mutate so rapidly so frequently or maybe I'm wrong. I don't know

Anonymous 11/30/2021 (Tue) 17:33:10 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.86009 del
(323.95 KB 402x544 793.png)
>The vaccines don't even work.
As evidenced by the vaccinated "needing" boosters. 2 now. 3, 4 or 5 later until everyone is immuno-compromised.
>What is the point of all this shit?
Control. The taxpayer has already paid for these with $18billion. Pfizer, Moderna and J&J get that money. Now it's mandatory Russian roulette.

Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 19:13:06 Id: fca649 [Preview] No.86026 del
>that picture

That's pretty apt for what's going for both North American and everyone in general. He's just a figurehead along with most governmental entities in this pandemic. He just parrots what he's told and has no decision in what gets to happen.

Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 19:21:05 Id: fca649 [Preview] No.86027 del
>I don't know what's going on in Spain

You can see the information here fren



Last I saw it was
>over 50% of the population vaccinated


Some lockdowns are being done in Germany for unvaccinated people right now



In Austria, there's a bill being reviewed to offer "compulsory vaccinations to people aged 60 and over. It's already been approved in Greece



Things are pretty much fucked all over. Depends on which place you're currently in

Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 19:23:48 Id: fca649 [Preview] No.86028 del
Here's some videos of nurses describing the situation in Germany. Things are going really bad for people in healthcare.

Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 19:48:43 Id: fca649 [Preview] No.86031 del
Here's another video on Covid clinical studies

>There is no proven vaccine available to protect healthcare workers against COVID

Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 20:26:01 Id: fca649 [Preview] No.86035 del
(424.59 KB 1208x1276 the plan.jpg)
Posting more. Unsure if the picture is 100% accurate, but I'd thought I'd share

Anonymous 12/03/2021 (Fri) 21:26:10 Id: fa14bc [Preview] No.86044 del
(653.18 KB 1256x1858 Propaganda experiments.jpg)
(86.15 KB 437x435 723.jpg)
Thanks, friend. Things appear to be dismal but typical of the tribe, worldwide.

Now this is very interesting. I'll just provide the link she's talking about and a screencap.
Archive in case they pull it. You know they will.

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