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>I could even see slight possibilities of wilder fanservice
from this show, you basically can expect everything and nothing at the same time. This is why I have no expectations.

> have so many questions. I'm both nervous and excited but depending on the dynamic and what is brought to the table it could be weird.
so do I. I try not to think too much about it because it can to any direction they want to and they will get away with most of the time. This is a show that relies more on interactions between the characters, it doesn´t take bets for a complicated plot (normally)

>The past two seasons have been lower teir fan fiction. I mean adding a bunch of OCs and bringing so many characters from the past all in one huge blender is a hallmark of fanfic. But we are truly crossing over into the Twilight Zone literally I guess if we are going into... higher tier fanfiction.
consider the following. The Mane 6 have been through so many adventures that it´s become almost a routine for them to the point where barely anything surprises them. Yes, those same cute ponies that everyone laughed at and you could describe them as incompetent and flawed (they were scared about the Everfree Forest) anti heroes have dealt and survived more than MMORPG characters.
There is a line from Cadence that she repeated a couple of times and it´s that Twilight´s life is so interesting because nothing like that happens in the Crystal Empire, far from that the events over there are more mundane than the adventures we see.

What´s even more ironic and funny is that when they have to deal with their usual lives,they can deal with them as if nothing extraordinary happened. Even more, when anything menacing happens in Ponyville, even background ponies barely get surprised by it.

So, are we entering into high levels of fanfiction or were their characters alone the actual definition of fanfiction in the first place?

>Luna I actually can understand a bit but it's way too early to judge.

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