Anon 04/09/2019 (Tue) 03:11:32 No.3918 del
Alright here is my review. A little late because I really had to think about this one... truth is I still am.

Alright, what I liked first: The Villains chemistry was actually pretty good, I was especially surprised that I liked Cozy Glow a lot in her brief scenes considering I was a bit underwhelmed, though I didn't hate her, in her previous appearances. I was also surprised that I don't think the pacing is bad, because that seemed to be a complaint even among people who liked it, but it isn't too me. Despite the transition from TS going to rule Equestria to Villains to Sombra losing to Sombra winning to Everfree going crazy to Sombra being defeated again. I actually thought they did a okay job with the jumping around this time, which surprises me. By far the stronger part is the second. I really could feel the stakes this time. I felt the desperation and the hopelessness of the mane 6. By far the highlight for me was the final confrontation with Sombra. Wow that was epic. I think this is one of the best time's Discord was ever used and I was almost thought they'd actually have him be hurt or incapacitated in a way that would parallel death. That was intense in a way that I'm surprised they went to, even for a death fakeout. Sombra's final defeat with the elements slowly walking to him with Twilight blocking his magical attacks was my favorite moment. That was just cool.

However, now comes my ambivalence with this. I thought it was epic after first viewing but something didn't sit right with me even after watching it. I couldn't quite place my hoof on it. The main issue I had with at first was how arbitrary Celestia and Luna acted with the transfer of power. I was so surprised with their genuine plan to do it in a few days and it not being a ruse, especially since Twilight pointed it out after they said it. It makes no sense and seems stupid even for MLP logic. Secondary was the mane5 almost meta attitude of just rolling with being in charge just like that. It seems to me that they should be show a little hesitance and be shocked even if they liked it. The only one I see just going accepting it outright is Pinkie Pie, with RD and probably Rarity warming to it pretty quickly. Though I'll have to go back and look through the canon before I can fully judge the mane6 here. Perhaps their various exploits by this point would make them have such a confidence. Perhaps there is something I'm forgetting that would help it make sense. Still, even with that something didn't click with me till second viewing that I think is why I feel so weird about it.

It's season 4's final + season 4's Premiere's problem wrapped together into one. TS being in charge, the elements of harmony being gone as a plot device, and them defeating the villain after he removed what he thought was the only thing that could stop him. I can't call it exact copy because it's not the same morals but it is strikingly similar situations. What does this make me say my final verdict is? I honestly don't know. The only part I'm dead set against is the princesses' confusing logic and even then if there is a season arch going on I'm not sure if there could be others reasons. The rest just gives me pause from giving guising praise but I don't feel I want to give it the coals either. I feel I think overall positive but I'm not sure I've reached my final verdict and I feel like my views on it will evolve as the season progresses.