Anon 04/15/2019 (Mon) 13:24:23 No.3968 del
>That ain't good. I will probably be posting my review in the next couple of days when I have a chance to catch it. I will avoid the ponynet till I see it. For all I know I could love it and it could be my favorite of the series.
erm, yes. I recommend having your own view on it before seeing any other opinions out there (including mine which I am going to post next).

>they already denied Dislestia (unless that's what they are making room for! </sarcasm>
kek, that would make our brains explode. I guess that we are going to live with "tense" expectations until the ending comes because of questionable gestures between those two, making it seem like Lyra and Bon Bon status.

>My first bet would be that he is telling the truth. I wouldn't think they'd have it go past a friendship on screen.
most likely. I am not one of those fans who is left draining his head if Fluttershy gets shipped or not, giving constant spins of having a waifu stolen (since I have taken Celestia´s philosophy of There is no wrong way to fantasize, why bother?). But still

>all I know this is a lie and they could make it de facto confirmed like with Bon Bon and Lyra.
considering that it´s pretty easy to lie with such few characters or trick the fans with a few lines, yeah I don´t see that statement all that solid. Maybe they are keeping a surprise....

>my second crackpot theory is that they killed Treelight and everyone is butthurt.
fortunately, your theory is wrong *sips the tea*.
However, I do believe people are triggered because of worse reasons than that. You will see it as soon as you check the archives.