Anon 04/16/2019 (Tue) 22:46:09 No.3977 del
>This one feels wonky to me. I'm not sure I'd call it the worst, but far from top tier. I don't know how to put it other than calling it barren. How is it barren? IDK
I wouldn´t blame you, that´s how most have felt with the episode, that it was pretty average or didn´t offer much.

>but when I tried to come up with things I really like I came up empty other than that one moment when I saw Silverstream doing her abstract art.
yeah, that´s basically her character trait that they have come up with. That fanatism about her for art didn´t start in this episode but in a pre season 9 short.

>Even for the rest of that whole sequence I didn't find much humor in.
there is humor in it just that it relies heavily on the characters themselves, not to mention that they are self critical most of the time.

>Do I hate this episode? Not sure... I'd say it's more lackluster than bad, but if there is controversy I'd imagine it has to to with the neo-tree(house) and it making the destruction of the elements episode ago feel a little cheep and without impact.
yeah, the old buy our toys that we expect from Hasbro and out of nowhere comes up again in the Castle of the Two Sisters.

>Like you'd imagine for them to have at least waited. there also wasn't enough Treelight to counter or really anything answered. Just pure set up.
that could possibly be its biggest flaw, that the answers that you wanted from the tree itself haven´t appeared yet so it feels more like another little test that the tree sent out to the students and they simply obeyed and did the task they considered acceptable in the end, not to mention that they have been the only ones that talked to treelight sparkle and she disappeared when the actual Twilight was about to appear.

>I think too the pacing felt off. There was set up to get to the episode that took main plot way too long and it didn't feel like I had gotten to spend enough time with the main conflict.

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