Anon 05/10/2019 (Fri) 03:35:15 No.4075 del
>they have basically hidden it with the buckball plot device, mostly because...
>it´s because she acted by herself. Patton´s daughter actually voiced her character and not a fake VA that pretends to be a filly like Cathy does with Spike or Tabitha with Flurry Heart.
I have to say she did a pretty good job for being an IRL filly. Not 100%, but most of th lines she nailed alright.

>Not that it has happened this way but for sure, they have introduced his family as if Patton wanted to offer more of himself with MLP as a tool. It turns out that the three have acted together in the same a family.
That is both interesting, kinda cool, and a little strange depending on how you read it.

>I still have that episode with a higher regard, mostly because of the context and the magical situation, not to mention that I have seen a lot of times in sitcoms this plot device of trying to impress a girl by pretending what you are not.
>This one felt more realistic in its vibes(a la American way) but the interactions and the hybrid of this story and behind its development are what truly kill it.
Agreed. This had a good bit more going into it than filler and fanservice that's for sure.

> It´s almost getting into a territory in which you cannot tell if this is an animated sitcom or a toy commercial.
For the crew: it's a sitcom (at least in that episode)
For Hasbro: it's a toy commercial.
For me: it is something that occupies multiple states and is a special place that's hard to classify.

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