Anon 05/20/2019 (Mon) 06:49:08 No.4125 del
Okay, one thing that caught me off guard was how well Crissy was used. I mean this in a few different ways. One of which is how competent she was in her endeavorers solo. When they first split up my first thought was them all being utterly humiliated and being taught to work together (Cozy Glow perhaps was a little but this environment didn't play to her strength: manipulation). Chrysalis actually brushing the creature off surprised me because I didn't expect to see that from a plot prospective, because of how the show usually makes a character stupider or sm over the enemy/obstacle stronger or more cleaver in later seasons a lot of times. The fact that she fully utilized her changeling abilities and actually was the one to the furthest surprised me even further. Think of it, her changing into a Ursa Minor and simply moving the tree aside was something that would be certainly in her power if our little student six changeling can do similar feats, but I'd never expected to see it brought for use by her at all. Also, look how large Tirek got by sucking up her magic, considering how he'd grow in conjunction with the amount of power he consumes and you just made Crissy actually quiet power. Heck, when she mentioned that meal was the best in a long time and she had done that entire journey in what is supposed to be a weakened state compared to her feeding on Cadence's love for Shining... The only problem with this is that was she so powerful and competent in this episode that it outright conflicts with previous appearances?

But I do not mean just raw power or skill. Her character was handled perfectly here and I do mean it. Her refusal and continued reminding of everypony she was a queen. Her banter, her causal use of her power to mock Twilight Sparkle. This is more important than any magical feat in quality from an objective messure. It felt like she was perfectly utilized fully on all fronts in a way I almost can't believe. This was a breakout performance for her. More so than I say Cozy Glow or Tirek. I am surprised on how many things they got right.

And ya'know something else? This may come as a surprise to y'all but I have never really given who my favorite villain character was much thought. At least in a serious way as defined category. Surprising considering that I've been on this ride since 2011. Now I will have to think about it.