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>Are deer now Equestria's main creature of myserious benevolent magic? Is it all because they lowered?
I don´t know how to answer this but...
>had other fantastical elements explored and removed of their mysteries and ambiguity? (Like the return of the pillars?)
maybe this creature could appear again but in the present timeline. I have had the thoughts that MLP was looking like Pokemon and its design draws comparisons with Sawsbuck or even Xerneas all over again. A big plot twist would have been that Thorax could disguise himself as the Great Seedling and he wouldn´t need to do a big effort at transforming into it, taking into account how awfully similar they are.

Deers have appeared in the Best Gift Ever and they have actually shown less fantastical elements from their lore and put those benevolent actions into the front. As old stories are usually told, they are more legendary in their narrative than having said "mystical" creatures in action.

>That flashback that shows Apple Jack, Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh with their parents has a bit of a dark edge to it, doesn't it?
>it could very well be close to when they died.
this can lead to such arbitrary interpretations that you don´t know where to start. One could write a few fics about this but something tells me that AJ parents´mystery isn´t all that solved as we like to imagine. However, you´ve got a point that they subtly playing with the territory of death or more nostalgic times for the family in comparison to what happened later. This franchise shines at its best when the backstories/lore are shown in little quantities and we will need an absolute closure to know everything before and after their Romeo and Juliet story.

>Golden Delicious. Of all the Apple Family to have one last major roll. This could be the last episode featuring them (or at least solely staring them).
eeyup, Pinkie Apple Pie. A lot of time has passed since then.

>Are we ever going to see Babs Seed again?
I....highly doubt it despite seeing Lightning Dust in season 8. I don´t know if all the minor characters will have a proper plot device to reintroduce them one last time. As for now, they are doing it pretty well so far though.

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