Anon 06/15/2019 (Sat) 00:18:42 No.4260 del
>second half I did enjoy, but there was something there that felt off
>I do not have the words to describe it. It will take some examination on my part
>So I will exclude the second offness from my final rating.
well, let´s see if you can find it but I didn´t find it all that bothersome. The End in Friend also brought an adventure just to see the interactions between the characters. It just happens that there are so many in such little time that all it draws is a collage of different parts united for one single bigger picture: Silverstream. How are Mud Briar Terramar supposed to interact considering that they were one hit wonders before this episode along with the other four? I think no fan expected to have this combination and unlike Going to Seed, this one proves the capability of the wider connections and possibilities that were established before in the show, wildly different from each other.Not only those two but they have managed to find an excuse to use a background pony like Roseluck for the plot.

>Maud's search party joke made me burst out laughing. I enjoyed her and her Y-7 level suggestive joking with her boyfriend. It was nice to see Cockatrices again and it'd be interesting to see or at least have a mention of how Silverstream's project went.
yeah and I must also add to your commentary that Mud Briar is the purest form of Jim Parsons ponified. If only they got his actor to voice him,MLP would carry the spirit of Big Bang Theory in Equestria.

>the everfree is a threat again? At least briefly.
handle that with a pinch of salt. Silverstream has managed to train and study one of them. Sure they are menacing but little by little,we are getting to understand how they work.

>Ocellus and identity issues. Though it was more of a joke, it could be interesting to look at if it doesn't go into an awkward racial identity strongly or gender identity analogies at all.
/pol/ in action! Guaranteed replies in 3,2,1....

> as changeling specific issues regarding disassociation and confusion and a desire to in be among different species she hangs out with and even animals and objects it could make an interesting episode in itself.
yeah and it could be treated as one flaw of the transformation. Maybe Thorax advised her to stay in her own form not only because of her actual identity but now with this line, it could be taken as a healthy issue for such ability.