Anon 06/15/2019 (Sat) 13:46:24 No.4266 del
>I think I agree with you. Doesn't change my rating because 7 for me is a satisfactory but isn't above the normal level.
yeah, well the rating didn´t bother but more like that subplot complaint. There is not much to say about this save maybe pointing out the interactions between dragons and how they have changed over time. However, I have stronger topic to talk about later...

>It almost reminds me of the time when they were on the way to Canterlot overnight.
MMMystery of the Friendship Express. An entire day for traveling to Canterlot yet we see from season 4 onwards that they arrive in little to no time between Ponyville and Canterlot.

>it'd be interesting to study and see how quick travle applies over the seasons.
you can become crazy by figuring out how they work. I wouldn´t take the exceptions too much into account because they would mess up all the speculations that you could make with the patterns.

>Reckon it was throwing shade at the EqD crew?
nothing personnel kid, just answering with the show to the other team. And yes, they made that ship canon in EQG and I wonder if they knew both scripts while writing this material.

>Generally though slightly to moderately bland is usually inoffensive to me but I understand stronger dislike. I mean I didn't like Uprooted after all for partly that though I thought it was also quite structurally flawed.
well, Uprooted has a different case than the Apple Family. I simply defended Uprooted because I didn´t see all the attempts at disliking it at all and the more I tried to see those flaws, the more I failed to see them. I don´t blame you for not enjoying it as much and I can see why you have that complaint because the pacing is somewhat considering that there are 6 characters that have to shine at dealing with the same problem in their own way.

About the picture, I agree with the artist. I´ve heard somewhere that there is a cliché of reforming characters and becoming weak when they get to be the protagonists. I would even put a stronger bet into the table and say that Trixie has become more powerful at handling magic and Luna, while still slightly less powerful than Celestia, she is put with her sister in the same level of power and has learned how to put in practice more advanced 4d chess tactics that her sisters´. That picture needs Discord though because he has managed to stop Sombra´s magic without blinking.