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>It was okay... I think. I thought the CMC were fine here and enjoyed their anttics.
without focusing on any drama or prejudices here, it is indeed the average CMC episode that we have had for this entire decade. Nothing sort of amazing nor an atrocity. By these standards, one could rate this episode with a 6-7/10 easily, without having much to talk here.

>I tried to picture myself with all the current factors what the writing staff would do if this was the last episode of the CMC or the last one focued one CMC itself, mayb not the last CMC as characters I can see the choices made with trying tie in Scootaloo's family question with one last cameo from all of them and in that sense it felt satisfactory. It felt kind of /comfy/ tbh.
yeah, that cameo was probably one of the most unexpected part of this episode. I didn´t believe that all of the previous characters could get reunited just to cherish the CMC for all that they have done. I come from the future and while it´s not the last episode that the CMC will have (the leaks´ premises surely tell a lot), it makes sense and it feels rewarding that all those accomplishments were there for Scoot´s parents to notice, wrapping up the CMC´s arc in this generation.It feels heartwarming and it could induce to strong nostalgic feelings for a while.

>At least DT got to wave... better than I can say for Babs Seed, who was just a background pony.
yeah, it´s really weird that after all these seasons without getting any line since Season 5, she has come back for this moment. Clearly her arc ended as soon as she began to appreciate the CMC, the writers wouldn´t come up with any plot device for her.

>It would've been interesting to have had this whole multiple ponies taking care of Scootaloo thing revealed earlier! Doesn't a Scootaloo with somepony like Rarity sound like an interesting setting?
ask the writers why they didn´t decide do to go for that route. In fact, the fact that she has lived mostly alone all this time makes you wonder if she could have had issues of loneliness. Imagine if Rainbow doesn´t look for her all the time. I believe that this problem is partially solved because of Scootaloo´s strong impetus and aspirations.

>I love the photo development room.
yeah, that moment felt a little bit weird to reference. As if Metal Gear Solid wasn´t enough, here we have got a little haunting moment by parodying either the 13 Reasons Why announcements or some sort of horror game. I cannot say which one exactly though.


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