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>Their is part of these characters though that feel a little fanficish and possibly a little cheap. It feels like "see Scootaloo had awesome parents this whole time!" I'm not sure I'm willing to go that far, but I wouldn't blame those who felt that way.
not only awesome, they seem to awesome for what they do. I don´t like using the buzzword of "Mary Sue" all that much but when all of a sudden, their introduction feels like they are perfect and have no flaws except for caring about Scootaloo....clashes a little bit the two sides of my brain. How do you manage to make me feel like they are more perfect and adventurous than Celestia and Luna combined or even the mane 6? How do you manage to do all those huge achievements and know all that stuff about monsters? How weren´t they introduced before in a heavy lore plot?

>one issue that I can't hold fully against them is that they weren't introduced before this, though it does feel like they are a bit too late to be used well. I'm not sure they would have been the same characters...
agreed with the too late line. I understand that they wanted to compile all the stuff that CMC has done before while introducing her parents but is the way to combine them for one single episode?

>Is this irreconcilable? Not quite, but it isn't something that fits perfectly either.
which would drive to a few anons to think that writers don´t watch the previous episodes. How are they awesome in the class´exposition while Scootaloo was claiming that no one had helped her to have a role model or values to get from any master?

>It could be grafted on about her not having somepony to support in the sense that she has her parents absent but it feels of a darker context in episode. I can see the case of feeling like they just popped outta nowhere and just feel inconsistent with the whole arc. I also can understand the disappointment in some if this does turn out to be the last CMC episode, though I'm of a mixed mind if I share it or not.
it´s not the last so don´t worry about that part. However, you have just pointed out why, despite showing the cast that the CMC have helped over the series, the subtlety that the series was building up towards Scootaloo´s parents doesn´t pay off that well. I would compare it to Newbie Dash, in which the previous material has a smaller value in the definitive episode and everything ends up in a quite average plot to pull off. All that foreshadowing, those little details that would drive you to a headcanon of being orphan or having a past to not be proud of is gone with the difference that these headcanons were implied in the show, unlike the stories of background ponies in the early seasons. So now that we have seen the parents, that direction has disappeared but even without those headcanons, it feels somewhat unrewarding to introduce them like this.

>I'm been split from giving this as high as an 8 to as low as a 5. I feel the most of the issues ar around the episode rather than within, but I'm of a mixed mind on some aspects.
mostly this. A standard CMC in practice and definitely not an atrocity by itself, or at least, you wouldn´t notice it while watching it with a lax watch. However, the context brings the rating down and whenever you scratch a little with the previous material, this episode ends up with a pretty disappointing note for long time viewers that have followed Scootaloo´s arc and has focused on her traits towards her insecurities.

>Especially if this was the last Cutie Mark Cusaders episode focused on the arch of their jobs. Though it could be not. I withhold my rating for now, as I feel completely split.

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