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>the plot is barebones compared to what we have been used to reviewing in these two threads. It doesn´t only remind of the first two seasons but also it translates everything that defined gen 3 into this world. What you would have expected from this franchise in the 2000s, this special,while having the mane 6 that we all know, feels like it comes straight from that era.
>if you saw the storybook thread, it summed up everything about this plot with very few pages. All that Kim Beyer had to do with it was adding a little bit of comedy and moments that don´t add up much to the plot but still move it forward.
Here is my fears and what could factor the most over how I consider it's legacy. I'm seen some rise the concerns with this aspect that Hasbro may have decided to go the passive rout with future mlp stuff. Soft and tame. Upon rewatch I really really feel the gen3 feel. If it was just do to cut budget and them making something simple for time, then I just see it as unfortunate and not necessarily that I ould hold against them too much. If it's do to directives from above than that would negative tint on it all for me.

>it certainly represents a form of disharmony from the ponies themselves. This question shouldn´t be all that much of a mystery considering the events of Return of Harmony and the sad version of Pinkie Pie turning into Pinkamena in a couple of episodes, losing her vibrant energetic attitude.
I see it as something that could have had a lot of potential even on it's own without a villain (though it probably would've been better with one). What if they kept a bit of spookiness and made all of them slowly go into they disorded states? What if it was a place Discord messed with that never was corrected all the way back in return of harmony? What if they used it to explore the nature of that magic and how it is a natural force that gets out of wack and that it still has a place? It isn't a bad concept to revisit, just it was solely used as a plot device to get from point A to point B without anything cool. It was just there than gone.

>keep in mind that this could have served as a 2nd movie for the big screen. This plot only works when you know nothing about the franchise so only the mane 6 get to shine and the place and ponies that we meet here are new for literally everyone.
Considering how barebones it was I wonder what the original concept was. That'd be nuts to have something this straightforward as the plot, considering the first 15 to 20 minuets and the title and rainbow pony toy push my initial thoughts were that this had to be cut down. However, it wouldn't be impossible that Hasbro may have actually chose this route. Isn't the person that was hired to oversee gen 5 a former marketing exec? It seems I heard something like that.

>nope, it seems that the promo showed Twilight with Rainbow wings because of the clothes that Kerfuffle designed for them. Only the rainbow colors were applied for Twilight´s
I want my Rainbow pony powerups!

>it´s impossible to hate it but I cannot love it as much as /mlp/ did when it aired
/mlp/ loved it? I had been out off /mlp/ for most of that week but I saw anons complaining. I guess no Dolores?

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