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so, I have given a 2nd try to the episode 14: The Last Laugh. I think that I am ready to reply to your review that I agree quite a bit:

>I think this episode's initial driving premise is perfect for Pinkie. A feeling of inadequacy compared to her friends and although she doesn't show much hints of negative emotion, anyone who watched the show knows that their is likely more darker thoughts just below the surface. I felt like Pinkie was perfectly in character here. 100%,
eeeyup, the first two minutes are masterful at hinting the fact that Pinkie doesn´t have any sort of arc like the rest of the mane 6 do. She has exposed that dark detail in a natural way and that´s a question the fanbase has been asking quite a bit, so having this answered in this manner, it´s quite admirable ()not to mention that it marks the restart of this season gracefully.

As for Pinkie´s character...

>To anyone that says she's been simply reduced to a flanderized LOL random gag character I present this episode. All the behaviors displayed from her determination to help Cheese Sandwich to her various jokes are perfectly in line with the Pony from way back in season 1/2 except perhaps slightly more reserved. (She's not going to Cranky Doodle Donkey levels of obsession, though she is still a little obsessed of course).
this is completely the opposite that you had feared about gen 5 and while we don´t have any clue how that gen is going to turn out in the end, this episode actually shows a balanced Pinkie Pie without reaching to obnoxious extremes of laughter. She manages to tell the serious stuff and using the jokes as medium to drive the episode forward. It makes sense that she has become more reserved than in the first two seasons, starting with the fact that she has met Cheese Sandwich before, the excitement to see him gets slightly reduced.

>she just cheers up Cheese and suddenly is like "I guess I'm happy being like simple old Pinkie!" without really fully dealing with the fact of how small she is from all her friends Though in reality Apple Jack, Fluttershy to a lesser extent are similarly small compared to TS, RD and Rarity
small in terms of depth but keep in mind that she makes lots of public relationships, she serves as the one pony that breaks the mold and warms up the contact between new friends by making a party or by simply showing her positive attitude to the newcomers.

Pinkie might look small and she has failed several times with her out of place attitude in hostile ambiences (Over a Barrel with the buffaloes come to my mind). However, she has mastered that diplomatic practice (the same goes for Spike) over time. Should I remember to you that she managed to calm down the yaks in Party Pooped and convinced for a short moment the hippogriffs for helping them in the movie by bringing joy to Skystar? Also Twilight has needed her several times like the part for Moondancer, so even by looking small and not having an arc, she subtly forges and maintains that warmth for those who are invited to the party.

>Another is that for the closing of Pinkie's arc, I could understand some seeing it as not as fantastical fan service or any sort of game changer and too much focus on a another pony who, while was funny to see in that state, perhaps feels a bit wasted for her last episode. If you consider it the last do to another ep that has her in a costarring role coming up

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