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>she hasn't become the top chef or party planer (being OP ain't needed anyway)
nor she plans to do that because ironically enough, she has concluded to herself that she only needs to see the faces of happiness from mundane people. That´s her biggest illusion and I suppose that not everything has to be about ascending to something greater over time (like Twilight, Rarity or RD do) but more like keeping the spirit alive....and she is perfectly okay with that.

>it's one of those things that could be just a minor footnote but ca even be a subtle expression in a darker way, like Weird Al wants to be Cheese Sandwhich and go back but he may still feel a little trapped. I need to rewatch with this perspective in mind. Maybe I'll see something else between the lines.
keep in mind that I am commenting and overanalyzing way more than a normal fan normally does (and this practice is somewhat stupid to some extent to do all the time) and I have admitted that this might come more from headcanon territory, not from the show itself but more from the context behind its production.

I am not saying that this will change completely the perspective towards this episode nor offers a greater quality to it. However, I would find it really ironic that a pop culture icon (for decades by the way) such as Weird Al Yankovic used this show for expressing his thoughts and tell a personal part of him hidden in a simple narrative. Without knowing anything about him, I can tell that I would understand that practice because writing a fic for this place...kind of feels haunting how the writing process ends up feeling somewhat similar to this.

>For this episode is too me, inoffensively lackluster barring how stupid you think RD and TS maybe acting
and that´s alright, as long as you don´t harass the writers for doing that, it´s okay to think like that. I mean, you have the poll from /mlp/ to figure out how their thoughts were and you aren´t the only who feels a huge let down from it.

>I'm not even going into the core theme of the show and how I could see it being possibly violated by diving in to far to one mentality or the other
this line defines its biggest challenge of gen 5 and this franchise will have to face in the future.

>RD maybe less jerkish but having let the fame go to her head more subtly and realizing that she undervalues those who work in the background to make these events happen.
well, that would be a better narrative for taking the concept of this episode. However, given the fact that writers have written RD as someone who is big headed about her ideas and what illusions to her is a much bigger preferences than the rest of things that could actually matter, they have normalized that her way to learn the lesson is not by intelligence but more like receiving a hit of reality for getting it (sometimes a radical one even though this time was much more ordinary and mundane).

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