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>It is such a subtle observation that it could be called head canon territory, but I think it's is worth looking into.
FiM wasn´t all that defined. Rarity earned some bad fame because of he actions in Sonic Rainboom and AJ´s tone changed over the season because she didn´t sound southern enough in the first episodes and you could hear Rainbow Dash´s voice at certain lines from her mouth. I do remember that Celestia was put in a higher place than the rest of the characters back then as if she wasn´t from this world and looked like the world turned around her almost everytime she appeared around Ponyville. Times have definitely changed (even though the Best Night Ever showed her first personal preferences and a bit of warmth towards the mane 6)

>They clearly had different plans in season 7 with the Pillars and the Pony of Shadows before the school had to be put in.
one cannot blame them because they have been changing the story editors several times and the directions change either subtly or abruptly depending on what they have built from the most recent content. The pillars are clearly the biggest example of fresh characters that have almost fell out of relevancy in front of the screen. They have adapted themselves in the modern world but it´s not something that the writers have put much effort because it would take screentime and we already have so many characters that one cannot even know where to start.

So they introduced the students. Now, from the toy department´s perspective, they appeared because of the school but from the writer´s, they might have served as an excuse for revisiting the "non Equestrian" places discovered in the past seasons.

>They probably should've been introduced a couple of seasons ago.
eeeyup but keep in mind that at least, three of those students wouldn´t have had a reason to exist. They had to introduce Ember, Thorax and the hippogriffs´ royal family beforehand in season 5, only Sandbar, Yona and Gallus would have had an excuse but Silverstream, Ocellus and Smolder wouldn´t have been raised at all because of the context of their own species.

>I'd rather take the time rather than have it pass at a breakneck pace with FiM final season.
I suppose that we have /mlp/ for that direction. It means that if /endpone/ keeps going like this, it´s because its users can afford that passive attitude.

>She maybe in very good health soon
in the bridges we trust. The picture itself clearly shows her good state