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well, you have written a pretty long review for The Summer Sun Setback because...

eeeyup, the episode actually deserves this amount of attention. We are facing a huge turning point that could (and most likely will) confirm the lack of any sort of season rot at this point. Before I reply to anything of Bridgefag´s review, the episode will definitely be placed in the top 5 of this season for the majority of the fanbase.

So,let´s bring the replies on!

>Maybe not in a fan service perspective (because Frenemies is hard to top) but from a storyline perspective? Yes
it did what it have to bring on the table, combining both arcs (for Twilight and the villains) simultaneously AND organically without seeing each other at any moment.

This extra effort by itself is remarkable and it really says about the quality of this episode without any of the character entering into a stupid mode for advancing the plot.

>the time was nearing for the transfer of power was so much better than how the season opener handled it
>this episode made it feel natural. She has grown a bit. It feels like a natural flow organically. Twilight Sparkle felt like Twilight Sparkle in this roll.
it seems that your fears about the royal sisters being too instant about transferring the power are long after this episode. Twilight did act in anxious way in A Trivial Pursuit but it seems that her arc has paid off psychologically speaking.

>Her move to surprise the princesses with the Festival of the Two Sisters was the most Twilight Sparkle way of her making a move outside following the cues of others while still being 100% who she is.

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