NMAiE General L23 11/08/2019 (Fri) 15:10:34 No.4969 del
Not Much Activity in /Endpone/.

From the calm ocean to the wild outer space, we can´t hold on the show anymore.

Cosmos is leading the path for us and what we have known before cannot be brought back to our lives.

Ladies and gentlemen, the post gen 4 era has begun!

And what´s worse, we are truly facing chaotic undefined times that can lead us to a big mess. Are we sure about relying on her? Spoiler alert: Cosmos doesn´t know the limits of mercy so we are completely doomed in this never ending ride.

Definitely this is the board placed at the end of the universe…


Season 9 discussion thread (reviews of all the episodes): >>3583 with the streaming sources besides Dailymotion:


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