Anon 05/23/2020 (Sat) 06:10:23 No.6076 del
>perfect, I have downloaded it as well and I think that I am going to post this version in the compilation for the next thread.
You like it better? I actually was slightly split on if I should try to make the lines bolder or get rid of them.

>No seriously, it´s quite ironic that an edit which took me less than 5 minutes (doing the process quite uninterested towards it) gets praise...and I didn´t even have any expectations nor I have felt invested until this comment. Writing this post has taken me up more minutes than the edit itself.
How funny that should work out. I guess some images only need a little to look great while others need a lot to just not look awful. Either that or I have horrible taste.

>Considering that there hasn´t been any kind of maintenance service, it´s an actual well-deserved place. Well done.
Goodnight /endpone/.