Anon 05/23/2020 (Sat) 18:50:06 No.6077 del
well, Twilight´s magic for the teleportation spell sure brings a flashy effect without using any program...

>I actually was slightly split on if I should try to make the lines bolder or get rid of them.
just share the version that you see the most suitable for you and we´ll compare them. As for now, this one can perfectly work.

>I guess some images only need a little to look great while others need a lot to just not look awful.
yeah, there are a few cases whose edits seem like it took like a couple of minutes for the editor when one could have put a lot of time figuring out what should be made for it...or even worse, spending hours without finding any satisfactory result. That´s evenmore frustrating and when you reach that point, you have to leave it for another day.

>Either that or I have horrible taste.
well, considering that you have shared a few sick edits in this general...allow me to doubt your statement.