Anon 10/14/2021 (Thu) 05:05:57 No.7957 del
I very much forget the sequence the sent me on the hunt for what's presented here as "super major multi" version.

But there are, in fact, MANY remixes, remakes and re-imaginings of the initial presentation of "Sunshine, sunshine, Ladybugs awake."

Here are five. First the original, then Setup-1337's SFM scantily clad ladies, the disintigration of order, and an SFM of a pair of those.

FluttershyNimation actually was quick to make an SFM of this, but I'm presenting here the newer "remake"; the original has a charm this one lacks, but in it's place are better models, better motions, and overall a better product.
Minus the charm.