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I hope everypony is doing alright out there, though I don't think we have any anons who were in the recent natural disasters (some might be cutting it close). L23, CB, YT anon, 5050, BO, and other lurkers and posters, I wish you the best. Not that I am leaving or anything dramatic, just general well wishes.

I've still been thinking on how I want to end this thread. It itself is a little haunting to me considering how much, yet little time has past from when it was made, still in the height of COVID.

And also... 5050, I hope you got your pictures!

Can I just stop and focus on that Celestia? Something about her is just haunting with a certain look of contemplation. One that is possibly sad, burdened, but has a certain numb neutrality to it, not crying in tears, but thinking on things deeply, deeper than I think many pics of Celestia and Luna portray (which is usually rooted in active pain or angst). It perfectly fits a certain anon I know.

>Stupid question, any particular fondness for that picture or just pragmatism/a lack of pictures on hand like >>8710
I just forgot that I used it, nothing too fancy.

>Certainly some kind of "struggle" though and effort on his part to keep this board running and other stuff going on IRL.
I can accept struggle, yeah, it has been that at times...