/go/ - Golden Oaks General #2 Anon 12/20/2023 (Wed) 10:22 No.9086 del
Welcome to Golden Oaks! Sit back and get /confy/ and dive into the vast amounts of data across the web that has been generated by the MLP fandom.

What is Golden Oaks?
Golden Oaks is /endpone/'s archival and analysis thread devoted to the rather broad topic of the fandom itself. Active archival is a major feature, but a variety of topics are also active points of discussion. From analysis of trends and situations, to self reflection and representation.

What is Golden Oaks not?
Golden Oaks is not for the simple dissuasion of the latest scandal within the fandom or gossip about X. These subjects maybe relevant at times in the discussion of certain happenings and periods within the fandom, but the thread itself shouldn't dive into drama without reason.

What is this place?
This is the Endchan's pony board. While we are microscopic we have regular posting and a fairly distinct culture as can be with a handful of anons and drifters. /go/ welcomes outside contributions. Feel free to look around.
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