Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 04:58:43 No.11292 del
IMO grouping is useful when there's a happening -- like a current FF shooter event. "This is happening related, this is not." kind of thing

Also good when there are multiple digs going on simultaneously, especially when some of them could be connected.

Otherwise, useful in final bake for a bread, or summary bake to start bread at organizing material.

Could be done other ways. I haven't seen much at all in the way of cooperative digging since August. Generally, it's one person dumps a lot of stuff and then it just slides.
Gonna need a strong motivator soon to get folks back into the loop.
I'm hoping it was just the QRV lock and the zeronet honeypot which scared away most researchers. Will be a lot of new eyes with this coming launch, hopefully some of those lurkers are now ready to convert to active duty.