Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 17:05:22 No.11522 del
>how many zero deltas with the same tripcoded anon before it starts becoming statistically significant?
Too tedious (for me at least) to compute. Prolly not trivial as well.
Will certainly have something to do with how many posts that very tripcoded anon submits per day & how many tweets POTUS writes per day (and that's the rather trivial part).

One would also have to look at exact timestamps (incl. seconds), as for an anon from here it wouldn't be too hard to e.g. notice new tweet at HH:MM:05 and still manage to post e.g. 50 secs after that at HH:MM:55.

In my view, would be much more significant if the posts & tweets have a direct and plausible connection to each other, and POTUS verifiably tweets after the post made here.