#JVih97 10/09/2019 (Wed) 18:55:05 No.13325 del
(9.96 KB 225x225 bakery.jpg)
Morning anons!
(still morning for me)
Notables are partial
Anybody want to go back and collect the rest of last bred's notes (from 12999 on)?
This baker can bake only right now, not do notes (still sore hands)

Thanks for all you do, anons
Signing off now but i'll hang out for a few, o7

Baker leaving the kitchen
see Dough post for current pastebin
>>13318 (unchanged)

Didn't post these notes to the notables 1.1 thread bc the previous ones (since my last bake) haven't been added. You want to take a look? Thanx, o7.