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Relevant CDAN blinds about names we all know, 1 reveal and 1 blind.

Blind Items Revealed #1

September 29, 2019

As I have been telling you for about a year, this federal agency has tried to multiple ways to talk to this royal and was being blocked by law enforcement and the government of that country. The cracks began to break when the law enforcement agency in that country spoke to the disgraced actor about some events he witnessed when he was with the royal and the pedophile. One of the offspring primarily lives in the US and she is also wanted for an interview. All of this has spurred movement in the form of talk talk talk by the law enforcement agency overseas, but will it do anything. It might not have, but a third country has officially notified the royal's government that their investigation into the model agency owner /serial sexual assaulter shows he often recruited models for the royal. The question is whether they were underage. All of them appeared to be.

Prince Andrew/Kevin Spacey/Princess Beatrice/Jeffrey Epstein/France/Jean-Luc Brunel

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