Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 21:40:44 No.13439 del
The internet made all secrets available – not just to nation state intelligence agencies with vast computational resources but to almost everyone who chose to look or could pay other to do so.
By making all information available to all, We the People are, for the first time in history, able to see ourselves in the mirror. A whole hidden world behind the looking glass emerges. A shadowy underworld commerce a hidden black economy, once the exclusive domain of intelligence agencies, organized crime and law enforcement, is now open and available to all.
One pictures nation states and other powerful interests seated at a card table staring at their hands with fixed concentration. Players cast sidelong glances, recognizing by stages that not just the Emperor (or Queen Elizabeth) is naked, they’re naked to. Every abuse of power, every fraud, every underhand every shameful murder and shabby dishonest transaction is exposed. It’s stunning, unprecedented, paralyzing, impossible beyond embarrassing - even the media observers behind the rope, they’re naked, exposed in their complicity and corruption. How do our leaders interact in such an environment?
We the People stand naked too, watching our leaders from outside from places like this. We’re naked too; and nothing to boast of for sure but… for now we are watching our leaders. We’re noticing them fumble, realizing the old lies will not work, the old lies which now lay exposed. Will our leaders arrive at new consensus reality? Will new lies be agreed upon? Or will we have more mass shooting and psyops in legacy media meant to fuel race war? Will We the People, knowing the truth, accept new lies our if our leaders do agree upon them?
The Q anon movement is ordinary people. It is you and it is me. It is for us to reflect and decide what we believe and what we won’t, to satisfy ourselves, to examine the evidence, to evaluate rival claims, even fundamental ones, and recognize the moral choice before us.
We’ve been conditioned to think of our imagination as an unreal place, hosting ephemeral contents without substance in 3D material reality. “Imaginary” means unreal or non-existent in the vocabulary of popular culture. This is strangely wrong. Imagination’s infinite contents and population exist in an abstract space interacting with material reality through us. The most complex structures imaginable exist in our imagination.