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Q Research General #6319: Think GJ Information Edition

"The Tactics & Tropes of the Internet Research Agency": SSCI'S "Muh Russia" narrative defeated by DEM Alabama meddling
Alabama election meddling DIGG 1-28-19

I recently updated the timeline for the "Muh Russia" Alabama Meddling to include certain events that took place PRIOR TO the Scott Shane's NYT story that "broke" the Alabama election meddling scandal (see "timeline" link below).

One of these events was the release on Dec 17 2018 by the SSCI of two reports on Russian election meddling, one of which is the 55-page report by New Knowledge entitled "The Tactics & Tropes of the Internet Research Agency" (IRA).

This release took place just ONE DAY before the Alabama scandal broke.

According to the SSCI, the IRA is supposedly a Russian organization that has been working hard to undermine American elections and more broadly, our attitudes.Interestingly, the IRA's perspective is amazingly similar to that of POTUS, Q team, and the patriots. So the accusations leveled at the IRA in this report are virtually identical to those now leveled at any American to the right of Chairman Mao.

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