#wC2utB 10/21/2019 (Mon) 05:20:27 No.20932 del
* Reading Signals (I was giving tips on reading messages in his speeches.)
Two sets of two synonyms or three mentions of a term = significant.
re: repeated 3x = signal (NOT noise)

* NeverForget
>>17771 2100 Children rescued from CA bunkers!!
>>17221 I thought I would recode it, but later I realized YouTube has multiple streams with differing quality.
>>17149 >>17187 Project Veritas: network pres Jeff Zucker talking about #ExposeCNN + vid
>>17188 >>17191 Project Veritas: first part of #ExposeCNN dropped + vid
Moar NeverForget: https://pastebin.com/HNKbuquQ

*How to make Q-related boards more effective sources of info via better content and presentation
would take a book
but have been working on this as digger, mostly done via example, e.g.:

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