Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 16:18:11 No.21336 del
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anyone even vaguely familiar with that site knew it was a pedo haven and that it was shilled for during gamergate.

I remember also timothy holmseth had written about some kind of secret boards on masterchan selling kids and shit. there was this almost practical joke thing to send people to masterchan. I don't think they where joking there was some kind of elite shit going on there. IT EXPLAINS THE MASS APPEAL OF THE PIZZA WORD BY ELITES NOT JUST A CHAN THING THIS IS SOMETHING THAT GOES BEFORE CHANS I THINK But the fucking tophat. Now i know the tophat in itself is not enough. The tophat is the sign of the most worshipfull MASTER of the lodge. This can not be a coincidence if the hat signifies the master and it being called masterchan. It being bedfellows with human traffickers. It could have been conglomerations of masters definatly crooked masters if that was the case. Then the 3rd degree of masonry is MASTER mason.
This /222/ cult came up in that infamous liddle digging thread on 8/pol/ if anyone has that thread archived.