Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 18:40:06 No.21431 del
>Anons don't care what people think of them
It's what people think of QResearch that matters, not us.

>those ARE pedo yachts
Fine. But prove it with sauce. (Or at least make a good case.) Unsauced info isn't info.

>many yachts have mini-subs
Great. Which ones? And which of those is involved in illegal activities? And how do you know? Got links to articles,, etc.?

Good role model: Amazing Polly
documents everything in her vids. Then provides a detailed flowchart showing the relationships between specific persons, places and events.
She also documents what she doesn't yet know--so researchers know where to dig.

If you want to be the news, the devil's in the details.