Helpful tool - cross post Anonymous 09/08/2019 (Sun) 13:11:52 No.2187 del
There is a way to archive any page, without even opening it, via a browser extension for FF called "Page Cache Archiver"

When you right-click on a link, the menu shows Page Cache Archiver, and you have the options to:

-Search on Archive sites for that link
-Get cached version on many sites
-Save the link at many archive sites (option which one)

This little extension is incredibly helpful, especially
-you can search to see if it's already archived first
-looking at an article that is likely to be changed or scrubbed
-don't have to even open the link yourself
-doesn't give the site a (you)
-you avoid any tracking/visit to the site itself
-there are many options as to which sites to archive it in

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