Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 03:11:29 No.2275 del
Are not endorsements.

=Not Q=

Baker Collected Notables
>>1544 A lot of important people are going to have a really bad weekend
>>1545 Jeffrey Epstein: large tranche of files released in Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit
>>1557 /our/guy
>>1560 >>1569 >>1582 >>1583 >>1584 add to dough
>>1580 Epstein declass first, upto 1000 people. Timing is the Key
>>1585 Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer Admits Attacks on Kavanaugh Motivated by Abortion Rights
>>1596 >>1597 /pol/ anon finding steg data in the ghislaine images is full of shit?
>>1601 Facebook Rolls Out Facial Recognition to All Users Despite Lawsuit
>>1602 >>1654 Baby Found in luggage
>>1620 >>1623 >>1661 anon datefags Sept 5th think we got an incoming Qoom
>>1632 Biden’s eye fills with blood during CNN climate town hall

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