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Storm clouds gathering...

"But the gmail account “” is not a China email address. It is as gmail email address. The email address only looks like a China company’s email address but it is not. We know this is not a China email address because gmail was unavailable in Shandong province in China. This tactic of duplicating the name of an individual or company address and creating a similar address in gmail is a common method for hackers to obtain proprietary information.
We also have identified that Hillary’s email address was not included in an email to the So how could it be forwarded to this address?

Notice all the addresses above? None of them are to/from McManus’s address is blacked out, but he would have a address and/or a private email address, but he wasn’t receiving email from

Ummmm, if @carterheavyindustries@gmail received Hillary’s emails then why is her email address not in this email?

So many questions, so much corruption, so many lies.
Literally nothing about Comey’s corrupt FBI and Obama’s Justice Department made any sense."