Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 13:09:36 No.2389 del
are you talking about this article?
Temperatures In The Pacific Ocean Have Shot Up To Dangerous Levels, And Scientists Are Blaming A "Strange Anomaly"
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First thing I thought of was the result of Fukushima. I saw a computer model made by China of what would happen with the initial (first day) fallout dispersion over time. It was animated and showed the particulates movement in the Pacific, both towards China and towards our hemisphere. The map shown in the article looks very similar.
What was most striking to me is that the model (animated gif) was based only on the initial release - the day of the meltdown, NOT any further release. Unfortunately, there was more released after the initial meltdown PER DAY than the meltdown day itself.
We're fawked.

Combine this with the "microplastics" we're inhaling and injesting along with the CFL that people stupidly put in the local landfill and it's a wonder we're not mututated more. Though POTUS has reversed Hussein's disastrous edict to phase out incandescent light bulbs, much to my relief. Good but doesn't get us out of the hole.